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The safety of our customers is our top priority.

In order to guarantee an optimal satisfaction of our customers, we organize various ways to allow everybody enjoy karting experience in a relaxed way.


Free provision of BOX'S brand integral combinations and helmets.

Created in 1999 by SODIKART, the brand of BOX'S equipments is developing extremely fast. Exclusively dedicated to the karting market, suits, gloves, shoes, helmets ... and other BOX'S equipment’s were designed in particular in connection with the official drivers of the SODI Racing Team. Thus, this brand benefits from recommendations of the most demanding pilots.

Our track marshalls team is very experienced

They will give a security briefing before each race

Suits BOX'S
Helmets BOX'S
Track Marshalls
Safety rules
Safety rules are easy to understand for everybody. They will help you to be on the track and enjoy totally the race experience in a total safety.


  • Children under 8 years
  • People under 1m30
  • Pregnant women
  • People with heart, respiratory, cerebral or back problems
  • Persons who are drunk
  • Persons who took drugs
  • Get out of your kart on the runway
  • Voluntarily hit the tire bands and other karts
  • Ignore the marshalls' injunctions
  • Every aggressive behavior
  • Shoes not closed and / or with high – heeled shoes
  • Wear a floating scarf, tie or other clothing that may get caught in the back of the kart


  • Wearing a closed helmet with visor and properly attached
  • As an hygienic measure, wearing a hood made of fabrics. For lack of an hood, paper charlottes are at you disposal (free of charge).
  • Long hair must be inserted into the helmet
Flags are used to pass on information. The track marshalls wave the flags on the edge of the track.
Indicates that a faster kart is behind you. Without stress, get out and leave
Accompanied by yellow flashing lights above the runway. Indicates a danger, any overtaking is prohibited. Obligation to slow down
Stop the race. Stop safely at the place indicated by the track marshalls
Start of the race
End of the race or end of practice session or qualification. Go slowly towards and into the pitlane.
With presentation of the kart number, warning for unsportsmanlike or aggressive driving. If the pilot is presented with a second black and white flag, a black flag will be presented.
Disqualification of the driver concerned for unsportsmanlike or aggressive driving. Go to the stands immediately

Drawing on his multiple experiences, SODIKART has patented in 2009 the “HEAD system”. This is a high energy absorption system which offers a high security and comfort level, never reached on a rental kart. Nowadays and tomorrow even more, safety will provide our technical reflections and our team ambitions.

Your safety, our priority

For a customer, safety is an expectation.

For SODIKART, this is a requirement, a basic in the corporation

This is why SODIKART has always been committed to invest unreservedly on technical and/or safety measures which attend to reduce all the risks.


For many years, thanks to their knowledge about crashes and through more than 1.000 circuits equipped with SODI chassis worldwide, SODIKART has acquire an exceptional and unique knowledge of the of accidents and shocks, whether indoor or outdoor


SWishing always strengthen his experience, SODIKART is the first kart manufacturer in the world which invest in crash test, like the biggest automobile groups do. They are also in partnership with organizations like UTAC (Technical Union for the Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle Industries)

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