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The purpose of the school is to evolve each                   pilot according to his abilities. After mastering             the kart and all racing situations (signs, signals, flags, entry and exit of pits, refueling, changes of drivers, starts, race management, anticipation and management of danger, regularity ...) we analyze the behavior of each pilot to help him evolve, at his own pace, towards the absolute best lap time of the track.
A propos
HDKart has been active in indoor karting for more than 10 years
We have a relevant experience in motorsport thanks to a skilled and multidisciplinary team. We constantly update the track for more enjoyment and less monotony. Our cafeteria will delight friends, families and experienced or unexperienced pilots.
You will find all the required information in the different topics of our website. We are at your disposal to answer as quickly as it is possible to your questions and expectations
We hope to see you soon in our facilities.

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