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SR5 model have all the advantages of the SR4 model. The SR5 is the most completed and efficient rental kart on the market.

Our Karts SODI SR5

SR5 model have all the advantages of the SR4 model. The SR5 is the most completed and                                                                    efficient rental kart on the market


However, the SR5 have 2 distinctive features wich can not be put on the SR4.  :

  • Full floor

  • 2D adjustable pedal

This model is particularly appreciated by track managers who wants to provide a good comfort to their customers in addition to an excellent track performance.

The driver can easily adjust his position thanks to the 2D adjustable pedal and the adjustable seat (in option) and so benefits from an excellent driving position.
The fuel tank is totally wrapped which protect the driver from eventual fuel projections (during fuel supplies for instance).

Thus, the SR5 is a sport and enjoyable kart with an optimal comfort

Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Sodi SR5
Head System Sodi SR5
  • Chrome-molybdenum steel frame PSS with double spar equipped with three bearings

  • Black plastic floor covering the tank

  • Aluminum wheels, machined and reinforced

  • Machined wheel hubs

  • Low-profile rocket with machined axis in chromium-molybdenum Diam 20 mm

  • Soft nylon connecting rods

  • High-strength aluminum steering column stem, machined in the mass

  • 3-spoke steering wheel in high-strength steel

  • Ergonomic bucket seat in reinforced polyethylene (Sizes XL and XXL)

  • Fully adjustable pedal (size and leg length)

  • Sodi hydraulic brake with automatic clearance and ventilated disc

  • Sodikart tank 11 liters (constant thickness, integrated hose passage and petrol return)

  • Gasoline vacuum pump

  • Integrated motor drive (lowering the center of gravity)

  • Optimized composite quick release crown (2 parts)

  • Gold belt transmission "long life"

  • Shaft with three bearings

  • Protection (THR polyethylene) and bodywork providing high impact stability and high abrasion resistance

  • "HEAD System" (High Energy Absorption Device)

  • Shaft cover and engine hood designed to cover hot and rotating parts whatever the position of the bucket seat

Caractérisitques principales

HDKart is one of the only kartings which offers rental kart with these 2 setups (pedals and bucket seat)

Drawing on his multiple experiences, SODIKART has patented in 2009 the “HEAD system”. This is a high energy absorption system which offers a high security and comfort level, never reached on a rental kart. Nowadays and tomorrow even more, safety will provide our technical reflections and our team ambitions.

Your safety, our priority

For a customer, safety is an expectation.

For SODIKART, this is a requirement, a basic in the corporation

This is why SODIKART has always been committed to invest unreservedly on technical and/or safety measures which attend to reduce all the risks.


For many years, thanks to their knowledge about crashes and through more than 1.000 circuits equipped with SODI chassis worldwide, SODIKART has acquire an exceptional and unique knowledge of the of accidents and shocks, whether indoor or outdoor


SWishing always strengthen his experience, SODIKART is the first kart manufacturer in the world which invest in crash test, like the biggest automobile groups do. They are also in partnership with organizations like UTAC (Technical Union for the Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle Industries)

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