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Karting is the indispensable and ideal school to follow the footsteps of professional drivers.

Karting School

All high-level drivers on circuits or even rallyes agree to say that karting IS the ultimate to follow their footsteps


Over the last few years, this sport grew in our country. Nowadays, he is easy to reach (you can hire it) without the need to ruin yourself in equipment.

In a first phase, the goal of the school is to help each pilote evolve according to his own capacities


After mastering the kart and all racing situations (signs, signals, flags, entry and exit of pits, refueling, changes of drivers, starts, race management, anticipation and management of danger, regularity ...) we analyze the behavior of each pilot to help him evolve, at his own pace, towards the absolute best lap time of the track. 

In a second phase, the best drivers will be able to challenge themselves in indoor or outdoor competitions, and so, reach the great champions ‘footsteps...

All Thursday

                   at HDKART

Accessible from                            8 years & 1m30


Theory + 30 minutes of track


Groups Shedule




 17:45 to 19:00pm

18:45 to 20:00pm

19:45 to 21:00pm

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