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"Hacker" - 999 Motorsports Prototype Experience



Price on demand


Included :

  • 1 Theoretical Briefing on the HACKER Piloting Technique

  • 2 reconnaissance laps in VW FUN CUP Bi-Place

  • 1 hour of "solo" driving on the chosen circuit

  • Fuel & tires

In Summary:

  • 730 kgs for 130 horses

  • Tubular chassis / Fiberglass

  • No assistance


Hacker is a complicated story that runs for about fifteen years. Moreover, each protagonist has his version of the facts !


What emerges from it is that it would come down from both Formula Campus and Furia / Formula France. The stylistic kinship with the latter is obvious.


The manufacturer, 999Motorsports, is based in Thailand, but its owner is a Frenchman, Christophe Martin.


The pitch could be summed up as: "A French race car, but at an Asian cost.

The importation was first ensured by Lohéac event. This company has suffered the plaster of the first version of the Hacker, equipped with a motorcycle engine.


Since then, the Hacker has received a Toyota engine and the import is now entrusted to J-Cap.


Then, J-Cap will import the Supersport, more radical, copies of which are already used in the United States.

The key is simplicity !

The specifications were to optimize the cost / performance / pleasure of driving. A beginner had to be able to drive it and it had to be easy to maintain.


In the end, the Hacker takes the proven recipe Furia / Formula France: a multi-tubular chassis with fiberglass body panels bolted on.


She weighs 730kg.


The interior is obviously no frills: a tub, a steering wheel, a single digital counter, a few switches and that's it!


No EPS, no ABS: it's up to you and you alone to master the car. Note however that the finish is in the good average of the competition cars Few people know it, but Thailand is a big producer of cars.


The Achilles heel of the Hacker 1 was the life of its motorcycle engine.


As a result, 999Motorsports turned to Toyota, which has a factory 50 kilometers from Bangkok. The Hacker 2 recovers the 1.5l 1NZ-FE of the Yaris, pushed to 130hp. Reliable mechanics, which takes place behind the (s) tub (s).


This arrangement allows both to improve the distribution of masses and to make the engine more accessible.

Description of the offer


Your Program



Price on demand


  • 1 Theoretical Briefing on the HACKER Piloting Technique

  • 2 reconnaissance laps in VW FUN CUP Bi-Place

  • 1 hour of "solo" driving on the chosen circuit      (1 hour is splitted in 2 or 3 sessions)

Access - Circuits

Somes circuits available :

  • Spa-Francorchamps F1 Track (BE)

  • Circuit of Zolder (BE)

  • Circuit of Jules Tacheny - Mettet (BE)

  • Circuit of Clastres (FR)

  • etc.



Pratical Informations

  • Accessible from 16 years old

  • Contra-indicated for pregnant women and pacemaker wearers

  • Equipment can be provided

  • Wear a casual outfit

  • Activity subject to weather conditions

  • Photos and videos possible with supplement

Full payment must be paid when booking

Contact & Booking

Thank you for what you sent !

Next Date(s)

Tuesday 23/04/2019